Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thanks to ST. Luke

It is such a blessing to meet people who are passionate about helping others. The prayers and good wishes given to us was just wonderful, yet Penny's friends wanted to do more. Without being asked, the congregation gave us 700.00 and a study group added 50.00. Penny and I were surprised and, well, we just laughed at how we are used as tools and how caring the nice people at ST. Luke were to us and so many others. Our friends did their part to change a culture in Northern Alaska.THANK YOU Mike, and to all.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Service Work in Fairbanks

One of the ripple effects to our Alaskan garden project is meeting Candy. Mark is right, his mom is a Godly person who gives to those who have so little. This year she purchased a greenhouse in hopes of learning gardening as she shows at risk teens a hobby that brings food to their tables. The 2011 trip will begin in Fairbanks as usual with several meetings. Also, as part of the first leg I will spend each day helping prepare gardens as we start plants in Candy's greenhouse and have fellowship with the teens under Candy's leadership.
A second ripple will be traveling to Circle and begin thousands of plants to be distributed throughout the village. The villagers has told our friend Mary Grout if we will help start the plants as we prepare home gardens, they will follow through and take ownership.
Then, by Mid- May head back to Fairbanks and fly north to our home away from home, Arctic Village. With the addition of the four large scale greenhouses, plus all the home gardens, we will have our hands full. Penny will also lead a woman's group, and then there's the unknown that makes each trip so eventful. Pictures to be posted soon including one of the most unusual bear video's I've ever seen.

Tom's Death

What a joy it is to be a part of God's plan, even if it means enduring the pain that comes with it. Tom's death was a shocker, his family has endured so much, now this. To give them comfort as a result from months of working with Tom in such a setting is wonderful. Pam's hunger to hear about her husband's transformation at the FT. Wayne Rescue Mission is one of the reasons why I was called to this act of service. How he came to call Christmas Day of 2009 the most meaningful Christmas speaks to Penny's loving heart. Because of my reservation to Penny being there Christmas morning speaks to how I need to trust and not bring my feelings and fears as part of my service life. Jiggs Miller pointed this out to me in Halem, Neb. in 2004 as we built a house for Pat. Pat's house was destroyed by a tornado. Penny also worked on Pat's house three years before we met. What a joy it is to be a part of God's plan.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Garden Project, Alaska 2010

What an incredible trip!! We will soon share how wonderful it is following God's plan for our lives. Arctic Village now has a reputation throughout Alaska for growing gardens and so many villages say "If gardens can be grown in Arctic Village,we can grow them here". We were told by the Ag. Dept. of the Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks and the Northern Alaska Envir. Center that we have changed history. That Bill and Penny are now a part of Alaska' history. How great it is to follow God's plan.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Disaster Response Trip : Winamac, Ind.

PleasantDale's Spring Break disaster response trip was March 21 through March 26. We were asked to bring a small group this year because the site had just reopened, so we sent six with three coming from other places. Bill drove in from Indy and David and Troy from New Orleans.We brought Brooke, Zach, David, George, Penny, and Me.
Steve, the director, outlined the work we were to do. By Tuesday he knew he had to scramble to find work for our group, plus the three arriving on Thursday. Steve was very joyful at our work ethic, although maybe he had had his fill of teenagers as a high school teacher.
The week went far too fast and getting to know Brooke and Zach was the best part. This was the third trip Penny and I went with David and it was as good as any.
Getting to know the homeowners was wonderful, and I know they were so pleased with us. They tried to give us gifts, but we refused.
Brooke and Zach shared the week's events back at PleasantDale and we were all pleased that we stepped out of our comfort zone for a bit to do the Lords work.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thanks to Lancaster Chapel!!!

On Jan. 10, 2010 Terri invited Penny and I to share about our Garden Project to the youth at Lancaster. The afternoon was wonderful with meaningful questions and good fellowship. We were invited back to share with the entire congregation because the youth wanted to put on a breakfast to support us. On April 10, the youth at Lancaster Chapel worked so hard to show they wanted to be apart of this act of love. I will never forget the time with so many that morning, God was so present flowing through us. I LOOK FORWARD to doing the Lords work with that group for years to come. MAN, that was such a great time.
Then Penny handed me a card, I said the money is an extension of themselves, like an arm to help us. WOW!! I couldn't believe! Thank you so much to the youth of all ages at Lancaster.

FT.Wayne Rescue Mission: Pastor Jay

As I spoke to several youth Pastor Jay appeared out of nowhere as part of the group, it took my breath away. I said, " him, that man there, he's the reason I'm here", and repeated words I'd spoke minutes before. Wow! I knew Jay was coming yet, as it played out it was clear that this was no accident, or coincidence but planned. Hearing Pastor Jays voice as part of the homeless made the morning more spiritual. No great meaningful moment jumps out at me, just being with Jay surrounded by people with such a need for love. How several expressed that has carried over to this week. Pastor Jays presence added validity to my words and actions as I show them I care enough to show I care on a daily basis. Thank you Pastor Jay!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arctic Village 2010

Well, I guess we will spend the summer in Arctic Village after all. Heidi Rader ask us to please spend one more growing season (at least) in the village before moving on to other villages. Telling us that so many people are watching this effort from so many villages saying "if they can succeed in Arctic Village, we can do this". So we will spend another summer with our friends in this spectacular place.
Things are pretty good locally right now. It would be easy to say " I do enough" I don't need to put my life and callings on hold to travel so far and live so harshly. It's not about me, it's what I'm to do right now to fulfill God's plan for me. If I do that everything else will fall into place.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Garden Project in Circle, Alaska

Penny and I are busy making plans for the Summer in Arctic Village, while friends from Circle are making plans for our arrival. The amazing part of this effort is playing out, they have heard of the life lessons coming with us. The seeds we were sent there to plant are much more important than the planting of the seeds for the gardens. We just might have a home in Circle for the Summer.