Monday, February 25, 2013

Second Trip to Prattsville

Bill and Derick traveled from PleasantDale COB in Decatur, In. to this mountain town for more of the Lord's work. What a great way to show the joy of giving for strangers. It was a very cold and snowy week and Bill's group was the only group working outside. Between shingling and siding we did so much to bring this house back to life after Hurriciane Irene did so much damage. It is amazing how many people in the area know all about our effort. So many times a day folks honk as they pass by Travis and Dawn's knowing we are there working for the Lord and not for profit. Again, meeting not only new homeowners, but folks from our denomination makes this trip so meaningful. We have in fact planned yet another trip to this special place over Easter week. Bill says he is more fired up for the next trip even though he has went on so many.

Prattsville,NY Disaster Response Trip:Bill

The first of two trips to this quite mountain community was in Dec. 2012. Bill traveled with David Braun to do the Lords work for a week, then return with David's brother Adam. Adam has committed a year of service through Brethren Volunteer Service. He will be at one of our disaster response sites for the year ending Sept. 2013. We had a wonderful week working on the interior of Mike and Kelly's. Doing trim work throughout the house, plus flooring throughout. It was such a spiritual week helping,plus so much fellowship with homeowners, and fellow volunteers from other congregations in our denomination.Working right up to Christmas made this time even more meaningful. This was Bill's 39th trip and for many reasons it was as eventful as any. Funny how that works out. Each trip brings more for the volunteer than is given to the homeowners, although we work very hard to give our all for each homeowner. We have already planned the next trip in February.