Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ann Sent Home

We were asked if we had an interest in bringing a teen home with us. Ann would spend the year attending our local school and live with us. After two days of weighing all the possibilities, we signed on for this loose, loose act of love. We spoke with Alexa that if this was a success with Ann, Meliah, would follow. Then Angel, and then Elora. Our wish was if only we could change the order. If Ann could be fourth not first. Ann made the choice not to attend school last year. So to skip a year before such a drastic change was a path to failure. We had a family meeting in Circle to lay out responsibilities of each of us.
Specifics will come later. The bottom line, Ann failed herself and now finds herself back in Alaska wishing she were here. Regret has the power to change for the good or otherwise.