Saturday, January 11, 2014

Disaster Response Trip: Bill

My first trip to a hurricane Sandy site has been long over due. We opened the site in August yet as long as Adam was in Prattsville,NY, I would travel there. His last week was the week of October 14 and I was happy to be there. We worked together as always, then both came home to Monroe. Penny so wanted to come, to spend Adam's last week of BVS on site with him.
Now I was in Toms River, New Jersey and what excitement I felt. I traveled alone so there would be 15 or so new folks to meet yet knowing Tim was there. Tim is the long term Director and we've been friends for years. I was not let down as to the joy of meeting folks throughout our denomination who have the same love for this service. One of the men named Ken went through Dir. training with Jiggs and we really hit it off. At one point several of us were talking and I called Jiggs, first to thank him for introducing to Disaster Response, then to hand the phone to Ken, so they could catch up. I wanted Jiggs to know as long as I was a part of BDM, his name and Love for service would not be forgotten.
Michael is a 21 year old from Minn. who is giving two years of his life to Brethren Volunteer Service. He shared he needed to write an article for our Bridges magizine and wasn't sure what to base it on. I did morning devotion on Tuesday, he knew what to base his story on. Michael ask me a series of questions, then wrote a wonderful article. How humbling it is to inspire our youth.
The week had so many highs and no lows. The home owners were a joy to meet, and we did such good work for them. I so enjoy rough framing, that was my duties all week.
As I traveled home I knew again, I left with more joys than I gave. What a blessing it is to help folks in need, poor folks in need.

Continued Hope in Circle

Ann Marie Crow left Indiana failing herself and went back to Circle,signed up for welfare for a life with no future. Sometimes failure in one part of ones life can lead to strenght in another. We will pray for Ann and know we would help her in any way she might ask us.
What a blessing it is for others in Circle to cut through her excuses and know what a lost opportunity has been had in her life.They also are happy that we want this act of love to continue. We want Meliah to come to Indiana in the Fall, and she will. It's also important for folks in Indiana to see the Gwich'in are honorable people. Ann is lazy and rude, her people are not.