Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Miracle Hill: South Carolina

Our trip south turned east when we followed the storm that ripped through Adams County south east. We followed the damage to downtown Washington DC. We toured the city and found ourselves at the Museum of the American Indians. We connected with Chris Arnold, exhibit designer of the museum. Finding that she knew Sarah James opened the door for us to share about our work in Alaska. Chris ask us to pass on her contact info to Scott Sternbach who led the film crew making the documentary. It was like we were led to that building to meet Chris, from home to DC.
Once we arrived at Miracle Hill, in Greenville, S. Carolina we connected with Reid Lehman and Annette, Reid's cousin and secratary. Plans were made to begin painting bedrooms in the woman's Center called Recovery.We began making friends as we shared a bit about ourselves, and met the lady's who lived in the bedrooms we were painting. During lunch we spent an hour and a half talking and sharing how God works in our life. The painting seemed secondary as to why we were sent there. We left knowing we would return in two weeks. The painting looked so good and the work was completed, and we left knowing we recieved more than we gave.