Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Habitat for Humanity-Alaska 2009

Our 2008 trip volunteering in Fairbanks was such a success plans are being made for this summer's service trip. We have planned August 9 2009 as our arrival date. We will volunteer from Monday the 10 through Friday the 14. This past summer's trip cost each person 30 dollars above the flight to Fairbanks. That included gas money to visit so many places in the Fairbanks area and thanks to PleasantDale Church of the Brethren's Mission Scholarship fund for picking up the cost of the rental vehicles. The noon meals were brought to us on site by members of the community along with good fellowship. Evening meals were brought to us two nights and we went to the home of a family a third night. That evening was as meaningful as anytime while in Fairbanks. We had plenty of space at the church we stayed at and a full kitchen to use cost free. The folks with Habitat along with the community were so grateful for our work ethics they hope to see us in 2009, yet we are thinking about meeting in Anchorage to meet new people and visit new places. Penny and I are very familiar with this part of Alaska and would enjoy giving tours to all that attend. Please contact us if you feel called to do the Lord's work in this incredible far away place.

Winter Garden: Arctic Village

Teachers in Arctic Village have began what I hoped for last year, a winter indoor garden. Heidi Rader (TCC) has sent seed and soil to the school along with a light system enabling not only students, but all the villagers the joy of gardening. The larger new school now gives them the opportunity for a healthy diet and more importantly changes their way of thinking. If you truly want change it must come from within. I have worked so hard the past six years to convey this concept through the recycling effort to sending hundreds of books and Sports Illustrated as a learning tool. Many,including Penny, have questioned why I would make such an effort. After last year's time in Arctic Village and Fairbanks Penny understands completely. The villagers laughed at my efforts in 2007, they are no longer laughing.

I wanted to begin this gardening project in 2005 yet my gut feeling told me to wait. This effort isn't about me or my schedule, this came about on God's time. Heidi Rader's job opened up three weeks before Penny and I walked into Tanana Chiefs Conference. The new school was built last year. Everything fell into place as it was to be, it had nothing to do with us.

The 2009 plans are in the works. I will travel to Arctic Village on or about May 20, Penny will join me when the school year ends. We will again turn down the offer of comfort and live in a tent throughout the summer. Leaving your comfort zone enables one to experience God's presence and better understand God's plan for you. My life, more than anyone I know, is an example that this is so true.