Monday, December 4, 2017

BDM Trip : Puerto Rico Nov 2017

Hurricanes gives us such an opportunity to help others as we make so many new friends. This was true in the Caimito, Puerto Rico. Meeting Sammy's family and friends started our time there with so much planning and fellowship. Having Juan and Isabel open their house to us was wonderful. Samuel helped us in so much of our preparations and loaning us a truck saved us much needed money.
 Hearing of all the trips to the Brethren House by so many Brethren in three districts made me see how much love there is for the people in this community. Some sixty trips over twenty years is why all of us are so well received
 We began by repairing the roof of the Brethren House so we could move in. Once we were in we began work on the church/center. One of seven churches in our denomination on the island. Over the next days we worked on three parts of the structure along with three houses owned by parishioners of the church.