Saturday, August 26, 2017

Circle: 2017

Penny and I have been blessed to travel and be welcome in first Arctic Village, Alaska, and for the past five summers in Circle, Alaska. This summer has been the best summer to date.
We had our first group in Circle, a Bible School Team from PleasantDale COB. Lesley Kintz, her daughter Lily, Marrah Steele, David Braun, and Dustin Jackson travel to Fairbanks for three days of being a tourist and much fun, before traveling the Steese highway to Circle.
The Bible School was a complete success and the team was invited back next summer, to the joy of us all.
Between a community gathering, to time on the mighty Yukon River, and helping with the many fish wheels going out on the river, a well rounded experience was had by all. Each member stated the time had passed far too quickly, and all though they missed their families, they didn't want to go back to Indiana.
One of the many blessing for Bill was to see a group of people in Circle, and realize they weren't from a far away country like he sees daily, but church family from PleasantDale. " That was one of the best moments of the summer " says Bill. Finally being to a point where our Gwich'in sisters and brothers were comfortable enough with us to receive others from Indiana . I couldn't be happier about our place in the village and our place in the hearts of the Gwich'in people.
Many photos will be added soon

Thursday, April 6, 2017

BDM trip Detroit

This was my first trip to our site in Detroit. This incredible building is the largest site I've visited in my sixteen years of disaster response. A monastery full of history.
The two home owners I worked for made my trip. Two African American women without a man in their life, made helping them such a blessing. Helping folks unable to help themselves is why we do this!! 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Wonderful Spirits Can Be Found Anywhere!!

One never knows where they might meet people who will inspire you. Penny and I were on a trail in Gatlinburg, Tenn. on Thursday, March 30th. A woman wearing a University of Michigan hat caught our eye. She was a woman of retirement age climbing by a waterfall where only the youth dared to go. I know I didn't dare climb where she was climbing. As she come down I knew I wanted to make conversation with her. She was about to make the last leap on to slippery rocks when I grabbed her arm knowing she would surely slip and get hurt. When she landed she knew I had kept her from getting hurt, and thanked me. I asked her three times if I had hurt her arm or shoulder. She said I did not.
She took off her cap to show her hair was now growing back. Whether her head had been shaved, or had fallen out we don't know, but her body language spoke of a person who had received a second chance at life.
You would swear you were watching a ten year old climbing all over large rocks with the ease of a child. We left wishing we could spend time hearing her story. We gave her our blog card and if she reads this, I hope she knows she made an impact on us.
I will never forget the childlike spirit we met that day, and only hope to have the vigor for life as we all seen from her. I know she impacts people wherever she goes, with her joy for life.