Monday, January 5, 2009

Miracle Hill: South Carolina

Penny's mom, aunt Linda, Penny, and I drove to Greenville, So. Carolina to spend a couple days service work at Miracle Hill Ministries. Linda's brother-in-law, Gerald Lehman, guided this act of love decades ago which is now run by his son Reid check it out! Penny and I found this to be a much larger operation then we imagined. There are several facilities around the region housing hundreds of homeless. The annual budget is in the millions with one hundred fifty employees, and many volunteers.

We were welcomed into Reid and Barb's home and were so comfortable there. Penny and I worked with Reid at the Spartanburg Rescue Mission. We cut plywood strips and installed 6-ply plastic on windows throughout the building. They are saving to pay for new windows to be installed in 2009. The nice folks were very appreciative of us before they heard we traveled from Indiana to volunteer; we were treated so well. We ate with the homeless instead of leaving for lunch to hear so many share their stories. Each member of the staff had their own testimonials which made the trip that much more meaningful. From the outset we found ourselves surrounded by need and joy as we shared in hopes of inspiring clients to love themselves and be happy, to help them believe in the path their walking to begin to understand God's plan for them. My life and its mistakes are perfect examples that everything happens for a reason. Take those life experiences and make yourself a better person. Put yourself in a position to help others walking the same path and show them your new spirit. Show them their plight is NOT a life sentence if they surround themselves with loving people...that's why we were there, installing plastic kept them warmer and heating costs lower, which is good.

We plan to help from afar (towels are needed). I so look forward to a return visit. They have six thrift stores so much can be sold for needed funds. It would be so wonderful to be heading south and know you could be a carrier of Love by dropping off donated items to Miracle Hill in Greenville So. Carolina on the way. If that fits you as a friend to the folks helping the weak and needy please contact Penny or me to make this connection.

To be used as a tool to do the Lords work is wonderful; to learn so much about myself and my faults makes me a better Christian to help others and have a more rewarding life. Win, win again, how great it is to do the Lords work!!!