Wednesday, March 12, 2008

God's plan for Penny and Bill

Penny and Bill met in McComb Mississippi over Easter week of 2007. Bill was a long term volunteer at the Furgeson house, a C.O.B. disaster response site. Penny was part of a group from Pleasant Dale C.O.B. This was God's will and both of them knew this before week's end. Twenty years of believing in the path they were walking led them to McComb. They will now chart the course of service that led them to each other. Penny's a Godly walk, Bill has walked a path with many mistakes, then retraveled with a whole new spirit.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

fairbanks connections for community gardens

Bill and Penny have been used as tools to do the Lord's work in many parts of the globe. As they spent thier last day in Fairbanks in 2007, they were lead to Heidi Rader of the Tanana Chiefs Conference, David van den Berg of North Alaska Environmental Center, and Habitat for Humanity of greater Fairbanks. The ripple effect has been felt not only in Fairbanks but across Alaska. They're not sure how many organizations will be involved in community gardening in the summer of 2008, what they are sure of is the belief in the path they're walking. What a great thing it is to follow God's plan and inspire others to help our fellow man. Who knows what part of the construction process will be completed by Bill, Penny, and the group from Pleasant Dale C.O.B.? What we know is we're doing the Lord's work and everything else will fall into place. Never get too old to follow your dreams. Some laugh as they call Bill a dreamer, but thank God others are inspired by Bill's dreams and dedication to making them come true.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Habitat for Humanity in Fairbanks

In July 2007 Penny and Bill volunteered with Habitat for Humanity in Fairbanks. Because of our interest and involvement with Habitat at home, we decided to see if Habitat was active in Fairbanks. Yes, they were building, so we spent our last day in Alaska helping frame the roof. We met a group from Idaho volunteering for the week, as well as the Fairbanks Habitat family. The Idaho group inspired us to pursue the possibility of bringing a group from our church in 2008. When we presented this to our congregation, the response was positive. As a result a group from Pleasant Dale C.O.B. will be volunteering in Fairbanks the week of July 14. YEAH!!!! We will leave the gardening projects in Arctic Village to travel south to Fairbanks to meet and work with the group that week.

Due to the Lord's calling, we will return to Arctic Village after the week in Fairbanks to continue the gardening projects.