Monday, August 31, 2009

Garden Project 2009

Flying into Arctic Village in May is just spectacular. Beginning this long process, knowing so many entities in Fairbanks are watching and pulling for us is helpful and intimidating. Yes, we are nervous, so much is at stake, so much has been sacrificed in the name of this effort. So much support and money have been given by people who believe in us. We don't want to let them down and we know if success is achieved it will bring jobs to the village.
In the first hours and days I renew friendships and share what's been going on in my life and enjoy each of their stories. These really are interesting people who must resign them selves this is a life full of hardships when you choose to live two hundred miles north of Fairbanks in a fly in village. That's the biggest draw for me, when that plane takes off, your here and you have no place to go.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Arctic Village : Gardening Project 2009 Bill and Penny

After months of planning Bill traveled to Fairbanks, wondering, hoping, for a successful summer. Two days of meetings, plus all of the gathering of supplies went as expected, now the unpredictable part begins. It wasn't long after arriving at Wright Air I was made aware that this is in fact so unpredictable. I'd seen someone who made us feel so welcome, yet that person won't even acknowledge me. It will take weeks before I learned why and then I understood, but for now I thought here we go again. I had to remember I'm not in charge here, be led and everything will be fine.
Over the next few weeks we will share about our time in Arctic Village and how it has changed our lives. It will take that long because we are learning daily just how wonderful this experience has been and how it will effect our decision making for future plans.
We are continually amazed at how, as Christians we can be used as tools to change and inspire people as history is changed forever.
As I have shared so many times, my job is to make connections and seize opportunities to help others. If we take what our pastors teach us, all the love, support, and wisdom from not only our congregations but denomination wide, apply it to our own lives and the road we travel, we can be
used as tools to accomplish anything.