Sunday, October 2, 2016

LT. GOV in Circle

When a plane other than the mail plane lands in Circle we investigate. A large group came to Circle for a meeting at the Community Hall. We asked Chief Jessica if we should leave. No, no, talk to people was her response. One of the first people we spoke to was the LT. Gov. Bryan is native along with his wife and was amazed at the distance we would travel to help out, and was very interested to hear the Elders lunch program received the lions share of the food from the gardens. We traded contact info to brainstorm over the years for the benefit of natives in all the villages. Tanana Chiefs Conference President Victor Joseph said this is the only village that connected gardening and the Elders lunch program. This should be a model for all villages.


Revival in Circle

A four day revival was held in Circle that was very well received. So many Blessing came from this special time. When one witnesses unresolved issues finally put behind the parties involved, you can be certain of the presence of God. Having a missionary from Africa seemed to put so many at ease and bring out the best in the people of the village.

Ft Wayne Rescue Mission

This special place exists for the men who simply can't make it through the day without help. Whether it be short or long term hurting people come to the mission for a filling meal, a place to live or volunteer. What an opportunity to share life stories so they don't feel so all alone. A place where it takes so little to make a difference in someone's life. To hear a man say they feel God had sent you there just for him. It doesn't get much better than that.