Friday, July 29, 2011

Teaching in Arctic Village School: Penny

Penny accepting Mary's request to teach math opened the door to new relationships with the youth that helped build trust by one on one conversations. The youth saw another side of not only Penny, but Bill also. They learned so much more about us and why we would travel so far to help them. The youth learned that we have other occupations than gardening. This led to so many different topics to talk about. They learned to trust Penny and to Love Penny. This prompted the youth to show Penny their trust with many, many hugs of affection. It opened the door to tell them so much more about us, what's important in life and how it's up to them to find a more self reliant way to live and support themselves. The youth with gardens at home asked their friends why they didn't have gardens at their homes. This led those children to go home and ask their parents why, why don't we have a garden and will we have one next year?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Arctic Village: 2011 Garden Project

We have now returned home to Indiana knowing this year is by far our most successful year in so many ways. Over the next days we will share the impact of mission work and the effects on people both directly and indirectly involved. We feel so humbled to be used as a tool this way as people around the globe now know of this effort, and hopefully are inspired to help others as they are led.