Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Disaster Response Trip : Winamac, Ind.

PleasantDale's Spring Break disaster response trip was March 21 through March 26. We were asked to bring a small group this year because the site had just reopened, so we sent six with three coming from other places. Bill drove in from Indy and David and Troy from New Orleans.We brought Brooke, Zach, David, George, Penny, and Me.
Steve, the director, outlined the work we were to do. By Tuesday he knew he had to scramble to find work for our group, plus the three arriving on Thursday. Steve was very joyful at our work ethic, although maybe he had had his fill of teenagers as a high school teacher.
The week went far too fast and getting to know Brooke and Zach was the best part. This was the third trip Penny and I went with David and it was as good as any.
Getting to know the homeowners was wonderful, and I know they were so pleased with us. They tried to give us gifts, but we refused.
Brooke and Zach shared the week's events back at PleasantDale and we were all pleased that we stepped out of our comfort zone for a bit to do the Lords work.