Monday, March 17, 2014

Meeting the people of Circle

Having the Steese Highway connecting Circle to the rest of the roadways of Alaska makes this village so different from Arctic Village. Life is much better for the people of this region on more than one level. Kurt suggested I not go to the Community Hall, that's where I headed first. What I found was friendly, caring people, not only at the hall, but all over the village. My fifth day in Circle was the day Mary was leaving. My only contact, yet I felt I had many friends in Circle. I found how connected Circle is with Arctic Village. Because of our summers in Arctic and the folks we call family, I feel such a comfort here. I now know our time here will be so, so much easier than our time two hundred miles north.

Disaster Response: Spotswood, New Jersey

Spotswood, New Jersey site was opened in August for our second New Jersey site to help folks effected by Hurricane Sandy. I was part of a group from the So. Ohio Dist., that makes three consecutive trips with their District. The fellowship was special from the first few minutes, when Michael and I crossed paths. Then, when Mike reminded me we worked together in 2007 in McComb, Mississippi. Not Michael, but Mike. Mike told me things about my family that I shared in 2007. As Christians we don't fly under the radar of life, people listen. What a great joy and responsibility.
The week was full and rich with so many joys. Our work group made such headway on the work we were sent here to do. Along the way we spent more time with real sharing like I haven't in such a long time. We left knowing we were more blessed than the folks we were used as tools to help.
The nights were filled with laughter, Steve is so funny, besides being a leader.
Being a part of Barb's 50th trip!! What a special night of sharing and laughter.
To hear a board member of Trinity United Methodist sharing how we really jump started the congregation by our presence. Also, the church down the street has been asking about us, how inspired they are to help others after hearing why we are here. The same for business' in the area. The ripple effect will never be known as we continue to walk God's path for our denomination.