Wednesday, March 9, 2011

FT> Wayne Rescue Mission

Following your walk in life is much more difficult than taking the easy way through life. For the fifth time there is a man hoping that I'll make his life easier by bringing him home to live. I learned a long time ago if my house isn't in order, how can I be of help to anyone. It was so easy for me to get caught up in the lives of others to the extent of having nothing for myself. No heat, lights, and more, yet it wasn't enough for them. I will remember why I'm there and the message I bring. Being a christian does not mean being weak, in fact just the opposite. I did NOT drink Mike's big, beautiful house away, he did. I an living proof you can get past anything in life, pick yourself up, and get on with it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Camp Mac

This Spring break will be different, carpentry and landscaping in Cen. Indiana instead of disaster response. They're no openings at any of the four response sites run by our denomination, so we will work at our camp. This will be a different type of work for the Lord, but work just the same. Our youth spend so much of their Summer learning there so we will help with this effort then Penny and I will fly to Seattle for a few days

Arctic Village garden project - 2011

Soon Bill will be heading back to Fairbanks, first to spend a week helping at risk teens do greenhouse gardening, then off to Arctic Village. We're told as long as Arctic Village continues to grow gardens the other forty-one will follow. The villagers travel back and forth so much we end up sending not only seed, but growing plants to so many places from Arctic Village. We would so enjoy a Summer at home with timely get aways and more money from working in the peek of the construction season. That would be easy, doing the Lord's work is NOT about us and what we want. So, we will go live in a tent ( which I dislike ) in a place with brown bear, wolves, and now polar bear will be near because we believe in the path God has for us, and we will like it .

Sharing at ST. Luke

Again, we had a time of sharing and our friends were happy to hear from us, we were joyful to share how their caring hearts are a part of this success story. We know the reason that all forty - two villages north of Fairbanks have some form of gardening is all the people praying, and supporting this effort. We're told we are a part of Alaska' history, that means ST. Luke is a part of Alaska' history.
We will again be visiting ST. Luke on April 2. They will host a five state district conference with reps. from some eighty congregations attending. We feel so humbled to be a part of this special day.
Thank you so much for caring enough to show you care year in and year out!!