Thursday, September 29, 2016

Brethren Disaster Response: Colorado

Traveling to Loveland, Colorado in Dec. 2015, then again in Feb. of this year was eventful. The storms and flooding that followed, were devastating, by any ones definition. The pain and suffering was real, and it was wonderful to help out. But I must say, if you have to go to a disaster site, Colorado is nice. Both trips I found myself, for the most part in one home doing trim work throughout. Photos will be posted soon, with photos also on the brethrendisasterministries/facebook. It was my 50th disaster trip and a party was thrown. The 50th trip totaling 113 weeks.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Circle Garden Project- 2016

This years project was our tenth and most successful, and most spiritual as we began a whole new chapter going forward. Please google " gardening project continues to enrich nutrition for Alaskan communities" to read most recent article written on this act of Love. Also, we now have a Facebook page under Penny's name. Several posts will be published on the most interesting and exciting summer to date. We're not only planning for next year, were continuing this year by meeting two people from Circle in New Mexico. We've also accepted a leadership role in three divisions of preparations for the gathering that will began a much larger presence of our denomination in the village. We have been asked to begin having services each Sunday while we are there. This has opened the door for a whole new relationship with our Gwich'in brothers and sisters. Also, Bill was introduced to an island that has been a part of the history of the Gwich'in for thousands of years. Penny and Bill will be dropped off in June of next year to begin not only planting a garden but making preparations to live on the island a couple years down the road leading up to the gathering in 2020. This year marks a whole new beginning that reinforces why we travel so far each year, home to Circle